Catalyst Review (kinda short, sorry!)

RATING: 3/5 stars
GENRE: Science fiction 
AUTHOR: James Luceno
Let me just get some things straight before we start. I adore Star Wars, it’s one of my biggest fandoms and I’ve never read a Star Wars book I didn’t love. Also, this book IS good, don’t get me wrong here.

Now, I’ve been reading this book for FIVE DAYS! It’s never taken me so long to read a book before and this book is a tiny 350 pages max AND I only got just over halfway in those five days before DNFing the title. Why did I DNF a book that is good? Because it’s a prequel. That’s why.

Catalyst follows the story of Galen Erso, Jyn Erso’s father – before her birth and during her childhood. A lot of the story in my opinion is spoilered by what happened in Rogue One and it should not have been read after it. I couldn’t connect with the otherwise brilliant story because I kept thinking “oh well it don’t matter cause you do this/he does that/you die..” and it killed it for me. 

Overall the story is very interesting and very good but I do suggest reading this BEFORE reading Rogue One if you can. 


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