Rat Queens Vol II Review

RATING: 4/5 stars 
GENRE: Fantasy
AUTHOR: Kurtis J Weibe
I have to be honest here, this volume wasn’t as exciting as volume one but the Queens are still pretty awesome and I did enjoy it. The artwork changed halfway through the volume and I have to admit I didn’t like the change, I found Betty went from looking cute and tiny to looking rather like a super short human instead of a smidgen. Hannah went from looking divine to having a really ratty face and awful facial expressions too so I feel like I wasn’t fussed on the new artist. I’m eager to see what the art is like in Vol III and if the story picks up again. 

I’m also really excited for the release of volume four which comes out later this year! It’s very exciting that they’re finally continuing this series and I hope the artist makes the girls look themselves again! 


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