Reviewing Q&A

So basically the purpose of this ramble is to talk about life as a part time book reviewer. I do not do this professionally, nor is it a job. It’s just something I enjoy doing in my spare time and something I am passionate about. I have been doing this for four years now. I started book blogging and reviewing in 2014 where I reviewed my books and eARCs on a blog I ran through tumblr and a bookstagram account. I received eARCs through sites such as NetGalley and Eidelweiss and received paperback review copies from various self published authors too. In November 2015 I shut down my book blogging and reviewing to focus on my first child as I became a mother and found that blogging and reviewing was becoming more a chore and I had no time for it. In July 2016 I returned to bookstagram and continued to publicise some self published authors as and when I could. I began missing reviewing and blogging and so slowly looked into returning to it part time between university and motherhood, on my terms so to speak. In June 2017 I was ready to go and began reviewingmy reads again and opened this new blog and a new bookstagram account. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made as I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and rambles again. I handpicked a few self published authors I worked with in the past and took to working with them again and have slowly started reviewing ARCs for major publishers as well, which is really exciting and feels like I’m validated as a book blogger now! I’m still rejected for ALOT of ARCs with bigger publishers and I presume this is due to my blog and bookstagram being so new they don’t have enough following and thoroughfare but the fact I’m being acknowledged by some means I’m well on my way to the forefront of where I wanted to be when I began this journey four years ago. 

Many friends ask me why I bother working so hard to do this when I do not want to be an author, work in publicity or for a publisher. The answer is simple really. I love books, I enjoy reading them, collecting them, photographing them and talking about them. I enjoy getting people to read my favourite books and share their thoughts, I enjoy just discussing them. Doing this is a wonderful way to do all of this and I am also helping authors sell their books and get the word out in the process, that’s amazing! If I have the time to do it and I enjoy it, why wouldn’t I? 

Which leads me to wonder why other book bloggers and reviewers do these things? Are they just a fun way of sharing your passions, like me? Or do you dream of working for Penguin or writing a bestseller? Please let me know x


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