Greener Pastures by Michael Wehunt

Author: Michael Wehunt

Genre: Horror

Rating: 500/5 star

Where to even begin with this!? I am not what you’d call a big fan of short story collections. I tend to find in 70% Of cases that after the first(or title) story I get bored or don’t enjoy the rest of the stories. There are exceptions of course – Edgar Allen Poe, HP Lovecraft, The King… but mostly I just really don’t get on with them. I went into this book hoping it would be good because I’d heard amazing things about it, but was expecting to like maybe one or two of the stories. I have never been so wrong in my life!

Greener Pastures is one of the best short story collections I have read in the last TWO YEARS! Every single one of the stories are unique, eerie and fascinating. The writing is beautiful and immersive. The characters are gripping and I could not put this down. My favourite stories were Onanon and Greener Pastures but every one of them was brilliant in its own way and form.

If you like eerie and suspense-filled horror then this collection is certainly for you. If you like short stories then this is for you and I’d even say if you didn’t that you’d still love these! Its probably one of the best books I’ve read this year and one I’ll definitely be reading again and again.

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