The Twilight Empress by Faith L Justice Book Review

Author: Faith L Justice

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Raggedy Moon Books

Release Date: Out Now!!

Rating: 4/5 stars ✨

**I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks goes out to the author and publicity team for the copy and this in no way affects my opinion of the book.**

The Twilight Empress is Book one of the Theodosian Women series by Faith L Justice. It is set in imperial Rome and follows the tale of a very little wrote about woman, Placidia – Roman Empress and Gothic Queen. Forced to take the reins of the failing Empire against her desire and left to face the infamous Attila The Hun, Placidia faces loss, trial, love and heartache as she changes the western world entirely for generations to come. A thrilling and enjoyable read featuring a formidable Empress and I couldn’t get enough!! Please can Book two be out soon?

What I loved most about this one is the fact that it’s based in Ancient Rome, a time that was through and through a Male world, and usually any historical fiction about this time follows tales of the great men of Rome, so it’s completely refreshing and inspiring to hear the story of one of Rome’s great women, and frankly I can’t wait to see where the series goes. Because I am here for it!

Another great thing about this book is the flow and style. Faith L Justice is an author that is new to me, and I am very impressed. She weaves her words like tapestry, revealing the story and events of Placidia’s life bit by glorious bit until a full and rich image of this great woman is revealed. It’s something I greatly admire in a writer and I am so pleasantly surprised to find this kind of style in so unknown an author. I will certainly be keeping my eye out for her next book in the series.

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