About Me 🏺


Hello! My name is Kendal and I am a Bookstagrammer and book blogger from England. I am a mother of one and a Classical Studies undergraduate student. In my spare time I enjoy historical dramas, documentaries and reading. I prefer to read fantasy – historical fantasy, epic fantasy, YA fantasy, historical fiction and myths and legends. I also enjoy modern classics, retellings and nonfiction, especially women throughout history and the Ancient Romans, Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. My favourite authors are JRR Tolkien, Madeline Miller, Michael Crichton, George RR Martin, and Terry Pratchett. I am a quite frankly Dinosaur/Jurassic Park trash! The movies are my upmost favourites and any thriller or fantasy with dinosaurs (including Jurassic Park and The Lost World) are auto-buy and auto-love for me. It’s probably my biggest nerdy obsession.

Mary Beard is my favourite classicist and inspiration for my studies.

I am a book reviewer for Titan Books and Amberley Publishing, amongst others.